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UWC’s 18 schools and colleges are set on 4 continents and deliver a challenging and transformational education to over 10,500 students each year. 

Each of our schools and colleges has its own distinct character and identity, influenced by their host country, the specific setting, cultural context and their community. Some campuses are nestled in nature, while others are integrated into towns or cities. These surroundings also help shape what makes each UWC school or college experience special. In some cases, it's their proximity to the ocean or a rainforest that adds an experiential element to learning about sustainability, for example. In others, it’s the history of the local area which can help inform students’ understanding of how to build a better tomorrow. 

What makes each one of them a UWC is their deliberately diverse student body and their commitment to the UWC mission of making education a force for peace and sustainability. At each UWC, students come together from all over the world, and from very different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, to live and learn with each other and from each other what change is needed in the world, and how they can make it happen.

November 2020

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18 Colleges