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UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of a network of more than 4,000 volunteers to find and select students in over 150 countries worldwide.

One of the most important things about a UWC education is our community. No matter which school you attend, you’ll be part of a diverse group of people that will encourage you to challenge and expand your perspective.

Building that community is so important. And that’s the role of our national committee system.

The UWC national committees (NCs) are groups of people - mostly volunteers - who are responsible for finding and selecting students with potential in over 150 countries and territories. Most students apply to UWC via their UWC national committee: this way, they are assessed within their own national context by people from their own country, and, if they are offered a place, they will usually receive financial support based on their needs. 

These committees are made up of a wide variety of individuals, including:

  • UWC alumni
  • Parents of UWC alumni
  • Education professionals, and
  • Community leaders who have embraced UWC’s mission and values

All of them have a deep understanding of the local context where the applicants come from, and are in the best place to understand your story and your potential.

Make sure UWC national committees are the best route to apply to UWC for you. And if they are, find your UWC national committee of citizenship or residence and apply through them!