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Garth Irwin

24 March 2017

Faculty Member, Pearson College UWC

There’s a reason why Garth is so keen to get students outside and on the water. Originally from New Zealand, Garth is a chemistry and mathematics teacher who also leads expedition kayaking activities. A non-kayaker before he came to Canada to further his education, he experienced his own transformation during an epic 6,000 km kayak trip from Victoria to Alaska and back. Garth demands much of his students in the IB curriculum-based chemistry and mathematics courses, but he also recognizes that when students go out on the water, they leave their technology behind and it is in this environment where they realize what they are capable of achieving.


“Kurt Hahn spoke about the importance of learning through the outdoors and physical activity. You can find a great deal of personal growth in these endeavours, where you are seeking self-improvement.”