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History of UWC Bosnia and Herzegovina

UWC Bosnia and Herzegovina has been active since the foundation of the Association of Citizens, registered under the name "Udruženje za školovanje studenata u međunarodnim koledžima UWC BH", on June 17th, 2002. While students from B&H have been part of the movement well before, this date is the formal date of the creation of our country's National Committee. The committee had worked since 1997 as an informal volunteer group. The first student was sent to UWC Red Cross Nordic in 1997.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also got its own United World College in Mostar that was founded in 2006 by non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organisation The Foundation Education in Action. The Foundation's mission is to provide the next generations of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the knowledge, skills, leadership qualities and international values, necessary to overcome the ethnic divides and move their nation into the 21st century. Since the opening of the college in Mostar the National Committee and the college have been collaborating and working together towards the development of the movement as a whole.